Lunch Menu


Lunch(from 11am)

Toasted pidé12.5

    • Mediterranean vegetable pidé – w/ pesto, mayonnaise, roasted capsicum, zucchini, eggplant & pumpkin, tomato, cheese & baby spinach
    • Moroccan chicken pidé–w/pesto, mayonnaise, avocado, roasted capsicum, tomato, cheese & baby spinach.
    • Roasted beef pidé-w/ slowly caramelize onions, semi-dried tomato, cheese, chunky tomato relish  & rocket
    • Tuna pidé – w/fresh tomato, pickled ginger, coriander, & rocket
    • BLaTpidé – w/mayonnaise, crisp bacon, smashed avo, fresh tomato & baby cos lettuce


  • Lentil Salad-w/ poached beetroot, walnuts, spinach, tomato, goat’s cheese, rocket   $17Mighty Caesar Salad-w/Baby cos, bacon, poached egg, shaved parmesan, croutons&anchovy Caesar dressing                                     $16+ Grilled chicken     $21
  • Warm chicken salad-w/ Baby spinach, roasted red capsicum, avocado, Rome tomato&sweet chilli mayo   $18
  • Seafood salad-w/seafood combination, coleslaw, basil, Viet mint, crushed peanut, fried onion,Bean shot &nuoccham dressing                                                              $23

Bigger plates

    • Prosciutto wrappedchicken-w/stuffed feta cheese, cooked spinach, semi-dried tomato & Hollandaise sauce, Crisp cauliflower chips                                                                     $ 23
    • Homemade Fish cake-w/red curry paste, snake bean, ginger, New Zealand Royal Smoke salmon, Smash Avocado, rocket & tomato relish      $17
    • Black Angus steak sandwich-w/mayonnaise, tomato, baby cos, avocado, caramelize onions,tomato relish, Swiss cheese & chunky chips         $23 
    • Salt& pepper Calamari-w/rocket& parmesan cheese salad, lemon, tartar sauce                          $17
    • Roasted Pumpkin Risotto-w/green pea, baby spinach, garlic, cream, white wine                           $18                                                                                                                                + grilled chicken                    $23 
    • Side: garden salad   $4.5     chunky chips   $ 5    crisp cauliflower chips   $6

Kitchen closed at 4 pm  (Sorry, no variation to menu during the busy hours).